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ZNC has ui to change passwords

Reported by: mbooth Owned by: somebody
Priority: minor Milestone: The Hand Wavy Future
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ZNC has UI to change passwords, but I'd be willing to put good money on this not working through the auth onion of:

znc -> saslauthd -> pam -> sssd -> ldap

Changing password should really only be done through the FreeIPA interface.

Previously I'd disabled this feature of ZNC by editing the theme template. This should be done again (short term solution) and ZNC should be enhanced to make this a configurable feature (long term solution).

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Since #34 was fixed, this password changing UI now does nothing.

That's good because users can no longer accidentally make their account less secure, but it's there to cause confusion.

The template should probably be changed to only show the password change UI when the AuthOnlyViaModule flag is set to false. Then send the patch upstream to the ZNC project.

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